re.donk'u.lous adj.
1. significantly more absurd than ridiculous to an almost impossible extreme; without possibility of serious consideration. 2. fitted to excite absolute ridicule; intentionally crazy and silly; completely absurd and laughable.

"The Chicago Bears' offense is redonkulous."

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R. Steven LeGrow, M.D.

Quick Text

1. Select "Enter/Edit My Quick Text" from the Provider Main Menu

2. Scroll to the bottom of the Trigger menu

3. Create a Trigger and fill in the Replacement Text then Save.

4. Type the Trigger and press the SPACE BAR to display your Quick Text in your document.

Hint - enclose text in [ ] to navigate quickly with the F4 key
Special Panels

1. Select Special Panels
2. Select Open All Visits
3. Select Build My Panel for ALL Records

4. Navigate Vitals, Laboratory, Microbiology, Blood Bank, Pathology, Imaging, and Other Reports. Right-click to select items. They will turn green when selected.
5. Return to Special Panels
6. Select File My Panel for ALL Records
Health Maintenance

1. Select Health Maintenance
2. Select Disease Management
3. Select Modify

4. Select Add Items/Sets

5. Select items to add

6. Follow onscreen prompts to enter frequency
7. Select OK

8. Select Save

9. Overdue Health Maintenance Items and Immunizations now preselects the appropriate orders when they are due.

Remote Access

To access the WRMC Intranet, Outlook, and Meditech remotely click HERE

Remote Access for MAC

1. Select System Preferences

2. Select Security & Privacy

3. Select General
4. Click the "Lock" icon
5. Enter Password to unlock
6. Select Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere

7. Open Safari, Go to and sign in with your Meditech username and password.
8. Select Preferences

9. Select the Security tab
10. Ensure the boxes are checked as shown
11. Select Plug-in Settings...

Open Safari, Go to and sign in with your Meditech username and password. 12. Select
13. Select Run in Unsafe Mode
14. Select Allow Always
15. Select Done

--Windows Users Start Here--
16. Go to
iPhone, iPad, Android

1. Download Northbridge Secure Access from App Store or Northbridge NetConnect from the Market

2. Enter host name
3. Select Connect

4. V-Realm will auto-populate with "wrmcaccess"
5. Enter your Meditech user name and password
6. Select Log In